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Food Is Important | "Who Are The 10 Most-Important People In The History Of Food?: Table Talk"

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Food Is Important
A who's who of world food history: The Daily Meal is known for its endless lists of the best of the food world. Frequently, they're pretty inconsequential. But word comes from Ruth Reichl that they are working on a list of the 10 most-important people in food history. She makes a strong case for Christopher Columbus being No. 1, because he completely changed the way the world eats. "Before his voyage there were no horses, pigs or cows on the American continent. He also took a whole slew of plants to Europe from whence they traveled to Africa and Asia. Without Columbus there'd be no tomatoes in Italy, chiles in Thailand, peanuts in Africa or potatoes in Ireland. And that's just for starters."

Because they're looking at food in the scope of world history, it's unlikely that the final list will be weighted with contemporary food voices (sorry Rachael Ray!). But it's interesting to think about people from the last century who have had a big enough impact to qualify for the cut: Julia Child; James Beard; perhaps even food advocate Michael Pollan. We'll share The Daily Meal's list when they publish it. In the meantime, who do you think ought to be on the list? Apples, or French fries?: It's no secret that all the food advertising that's aimed at children is making it harder to fight America's epidemic of childhood obesity. But nothing really prepares you for this video, in which children can't tell the difference between apple slices and French fries.

Food finds around the web: Here are some food morsels worth chewing on.

Caught in a pasta rut? Add these 5 sauces to your cooking repertoire. (Food 52) Embrace spring with these 10 ways to make your kitchen feel lighter, brighter and fresher. (The Kitchn) Rev up your workout with 4 snacks that will help burn fat. (Active) Make it tonight: Earlier this week, we shared a collection of some of Foodday's favorite asparagus recipes. Of course, only later did we remember this spectacular recipe for gluten-free Asparagus Soup With Orange Gremolata from Portland food writer Laura B. Russell. It can easily be made vegan with the substitution of vegetable broth for the chicken broth, and the omission of the cheese garnish. Either way, it's perfect for a spring supper.


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